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My Rewards - Qualifications

This tool allows you to view the bonuses and reward prizes you will qualify for.

Each Advertiser who accomplishes the shown billing volume will be rewarded with a one-time paid bonus prize. Below are the criteria on how much billing volume is needed to qualify for each bonus. Set your goal and GO FOR IT!!!

Your current total billing volume is: 


 Reward #1  $10,000 in total billing       =

 $600 Bonus

Bonuses will be paid 60 days after qualifying. The Advertiser must remain fully qualified for two sequential months for bonuses to be paid. There is no time limit needed to earn the bonus, however, each bonus can be paid only once to the same account.

 Reward #2  $50,000 in total billing       = $2,000 Bonus
 Reward #3  $75,000 in total billing       =  $3.500 Bonus February 14, 2012
 Reward #4  $125,000 in total billing     = $6,000 Bonus Set your goal
 Reward #5  $250,000 in total billing     = $12,000 Bonus Set your goal
 Reward #6  $500,000 in total billing     = $25,000 Bonus Set your goal
 Reward #7  $1,000,000 in total billing  = $50,000 Bonus Set your goal

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