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Residual Income Calculator set to $55.00/service value

This residual income calculator allows you to not only calculate your current residual income, but also to experiment with hypothetical examples. Please read the below instruction how to use the calculator.

  • The calculator is already set to the average billing per service of $55.00 and the commission rates established by the current compensation plan. To calculate the residual income of your organization simply enter the number of advertiser accounts you already have in each Ring (# of Ads). Than, click the 'SHOW ME THE MONEY' button at the bottom and calculator will calculate the residual income your The $Be-Plan$ is generating at this point.

  • To calculate what it would look like with a different number of accounts in each Ring, enter your own figures. Take some time and just play with it using your own scenarios. Put any number of accounts you wish in each Ring, hit the 'SHOW ME THE MONEY' button and you will be amazed how powerful your $55.00 advertising investment could be with the The $Be-Plan$ System.

  • You can also use one of our hypothetical default settings. There are 5 options to choose from. From 1X3 where everyone introduce just 3 others to the directory, to as big as 1x6 where everyone introduce 6 other businesses to the directory. Just keep in mind those are just hypothetical examples, in real the outcome numbers may be different.

As you can see this residual income calculator can estimate your current or potential monthly RESIDUAL INCOME up to all 7 Rings. Use it to calculate your current earnings (base on The Be-Plan you already created), as well as future potential earnings. You can create any scenario with a different number of advertisers on each Ring. Play as much as you want, but remember, this calculation is for real. If you accomplish the same numbers as in the scenario you’ve created, you will make that amount of money. So,... play with the numbers, see how much you can potentially make, have fun, and turn those numbers into real income.


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Success with The $Be-Plan$ System is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual's specific effort. No one can be guaranteed success as the The $Be-Plan$ user. The $Be-Plan$ Compensation Plan is subject to change without notice at OOxAA's LLC discretion and for any reason.

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